Laundry Tag
    Publish time 2016-08-08 16:44    

Why choose Zanrun RFID tags for your laundries?  

Why choose Zanrun RFID tags for your laundries? 

Are you still suffering from troubles caused by clothes or other textiles mixing-up in your laundry?

Do you always feel your laundry process is low-efficient and not accurate, but you don’t know how to manage hundreds and thousands of clothes or textiles in a good way?    

Actually, as the scale and demand of industrial laundry applications grow, the complexity and requirements of laundry process increase synchronously. More and more customers and users are calling for the solutions which are capable of helping them manage large volumes of textiles efficiently and accurately.

With the laundry RFID tagging solutions developed by Zanrun, you can clearly know and control how many textiles are currently in your laundry circulations, where each one of them is, how many items are processed on daily basis, how long they will last, and when you can finish them. With our solutions, you are able to improve your profitability and service levels in your laundry businesses.

Our solutions can support the traceability and management of workwear/uniforms, hotel and rental flat linens, daily-cleaning textiles, personal clothes in a wide range of application scenarios such as industrial manufacturing, healthcare, hospital, private laundry service business and elderly nursing-care.

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